A Full Featured Platform

Marina Controller is a full-featured, customizable software package providing you with maximum control and information for your operations. Marina Controller is a multi-user program enabling your business to provide the highest level of service to your customers.

Automated Billing

Your Marina can save countless hours of work with One-Click invoicing for reoccurring moorage, and at the same time, charge the customer’s credit card and email the invoice!

With Marina Controller you’ll be able to load all your reoccurring transactions, regardless if they

are monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annually. Staff can now focus on more important tasks! Marina Controller will save you countless hours when processing your renewals.

You can also process all your utility charges with only one click as well by using our Meter Reading and Billing program. Whether you bill flat rate power or consumption, Marina Controller is customized to your operation.

Visual Management

With Marina Controller’s interactive Visual Map, you can instantly view all aspects of your Marina, Campgrounds, and Boatyard, whether for a single date, or a date range in the past or future. 


Marina Controller has it all covered! Marina Controller allows you to manage lineal side tie, regular site moorage, med moorage, float home square footage, swing buoys and much more! 

See the availability of sites, customer and vessel information, and easily know if a customer is due to check out and will need to finalize their bill. 


We have also listened to your current software pain points concerning how cumbersome simple tasks can be, such as moving a vessel to a new site or extending/shortening a customer’s stay. Marina Controller solves this with just a couple clicks. It’s that easy!


Marina Controller's complete dock management solution will increase your staff's efficiency so they will spend less time managing your customers, and more time working on other important tasks. Your customers will also be delighted at how efficient your operations are!


Marina Controller offers the most comprehensive reporting in the industry, and if you don’t see a report you need, we’ll create one for you!

Our reporting module allows you to quickly see a summary or details of every facet of your operations. Filter by date ranges, customer numbers, reservation types, marina rate codes, arrival/departure dates, vessel type, customer type and more. Create your own “Favourite Category” of your most common reports and have Marina Controller automatically email certain reports directly to your accountant or management team. 

Our customers are delighted when they have key information at their fingertips. Marina Controller has reports for deferred revenue, sublet site information, daily summary accounting journal entries, occupancy, and average daily sales. You can even run clerk activity reporting down to the second! Instantly know who modified a reservation or gave a discount.

Regardless of the various business elements at your Marina, you will have the reports your staff require to perform their daily, moorage, and accounting operations. Management will be able to make key operational decisions with all the required information to do so.

Sublet Management

Subletting customer sites while they are away is a great way to maximize your revenue by keeping your marina full. 


Using Marina Controller’s flexible multi-level subletting features, it is easy to amend a customer’s site status to available, which in turn, allows booking of short-term customers into those specific sites. Your visual map updates instantly, giving you a full view of what is available quickly for inquiring customers.


Create a win/win situation for your customers by providing sublet credits when they are away. Our sublet report makes determining your sublet credits a breeze!

Accounts Receivable Management

Managing your customer’s invoices and payments is an integral part of operations. With Marina Controller, keeping on top of your accounts receivable has never been easier.

Whether it be a transient or a long-term customer, inside Marina Controllers Visual Map, your staff will be able to quickly view customer account receivable status. If a guest is due to check out and they have an outstanding balance, staff will know to address the account accordingly prior to finalizing check out.

Customer account configurations allow you to decide what customers you would like subject to finance charges on overdue amounts. Monthly, Marina Controller can automatically create finance charge invoices and with one click you can email (or print) your customer AR statements.

Point of Sale System

A robust and easy to use Point of Sale is key to your business’ success and your customer’s experience. Too many features to list!

The foundation of your business needs to be a comprehensive tool, designed to manage all types of sales transactions, in order to maximize your revenue and profits and be flexible enough with all powerful capabilities your staff require. Invoicing your customers for moorage, power consumption, groceries, fuel, service, boat parts or even a bag of bait can be done all in one transaction. Customer or item special pricing will automatically be loaded and proper taxes calculated. Whether your customer is charging their account, making a deposit, or you are collecting their payment, your staff will provide exceptional customer experience.

Contactless payments are now at the forefront of today’s business, we bring this to your operations with our Point of Sale solution to handle all your debit or credit card transactions.

With over 35 years of experience in business automation, Marina Controller provides the solution you need to increase profits. Not only will our Point of Sale have all today’s latest features to run your daily operations, we are continuing to develop new features for the future and release quarterly updates.

Custom Integrations and Enhancements

Your marina is unique and that’s why our software solution is a perfect fit for your business. Marina Controller is a custom-tailored software solution, not an “out of the box” system. We shape our system around your business.

Marina Controller has learned over the years, there is no marina that runs their operations the same as another. Whether it be a custom enhancement for a report, an integration with other software packages, or specific functionality inside Marina Controller you require, our team is here to help create a solution that works best for your business. Our team will listen to your current problems/struggles, then create, design, and provide solutions that work for you. You now have your own software development team at your fingertips!


Custom development and integrations with third party software providers is our specialty. We may already have an integration that you require! Furthermore, we offer a variety of integrations for point of sale, accounting, fuel management and more. If we do not currently offer what you require, our team of engineers can work with other software providers you’re currently utilizing to create integrations that best fit your needs. 

Online Reservations

The Swift Harbour and Marina Controller integration combines the best of Swift Harbour with the industry-leading marina management benefits of Marina Controller for a powerhouse combination.


Leveraging the online booking opportunities of Swift Harbour integrated with Marina Controller’s robust management software will provide your business with the opportunity to increase revenue and decrease costs. Revenue is increased by easier discovery, 24-hour consumer access, ancillary revenue opportunities, and reduced barriers for guest reservations. Costs are reduced by streamlined logistics, reduced errors, the certainty of payment information on file for all guests, and more.


Marina Controller and Swift Harbour together offer the added advantage of enabling your business to proactively refine sales and marketing, hyper-target repeat business, and better cater to consumer needs over time through quality transaction history, operational, and financial data.

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Power & Fuel Management

Marina Controller handles all your power, utility and fuel management by keeping accurate readings of consumption for accurate billing and inventory control.

Usage can be billed by flat rates or by consumption. Usage can also be adjusted to track sublet consumption to ensure that long term customers are not billed for transient consumption while they are away. Marina Controller also allows you to bill a reading fee along with your consumption invoices.

Meter readings can be manually entered, imported from your power meter reading program (CSV file), or we can create a direct integration with your meters. Billing is a breeze with one click!

Marina Controller offers excellent fuel management processes allowing for ease in handling your fuel invoicing. Either manually enter your pumped consumption, or a direct integration which sends your pump readings directly to Point of Sale. Keep track of your Fuel FOBs and process unattended transactions to your customer’s credit cards.

Service, Lift Scheduler & Inventory

Marina Controller handles it all! Manage your boatyard service, quotes and work-orders, lift and launch schedules as well as parts and chandlery.

Travel lifts have never been easier and more organized. Whether you have a one way lift or a haul and launch to schedule, our Travel Lift Scheduler will easily show you what is available and will keep all details of the associated vessel and what needs to be done. Track where the vessel is located and where it needs to go. Associate any service or yard storage with your billing. Want to allow your customers to schedule a lift online? Yes, we can do that too.

Marina Controller has over 35 years of inventory management experience for your service department and chandlery. All aspects of an inventory control system that you would expect and more!

Training & Support

You are not alone. Marina Controller’s White Glove approach to making sure your implementation of our software is successful unlike anyones approach in the industry.

Our comprehensive training for your staff along with our dedicated 24/7 support team ensures that Marina Controller will work for your operation. Marina Controller will be the last software you ever need to choose as it will grow with both your requirements and industry standards.  

Marina Controller is powered by a team of real people who care that our software is a successful tool for your business!

Control & Security

Marina Controller provides control and protection of your confidential customer information by utilizing staff permissions with secure access to information relevant to positions within your company.

Whether your team is managing reservations, a service department, or accounts receivable, confidently know your employees can only access areas within Marina Controller that have been assigned to them.

Our PCI compliant credit card processing integration further increases your security and ensures that staff no longer need to handle sensitive customer credit card information. Store the information with secure PCI tokens that can be easily utilized for automated charges.

Marina Controller, the name says it all. Your business will benefit from our software’s complete control over your operations!

Give us 10 minutes to prove to you why Marina Controller is the only system for your Marina